Dear fellow human beings,


 "If you want to say" no ", then never say no, just say" yes "with all your might. Yes to what you really want!" Marshall Rosenberg


It is spring 2020. Most people on earth have been deprived of their fundamental rights, which their ancestors have achieved and documented because of a flu wave by governments.


Our attitudes towards tracking apps, the worldwide "digital identity" or vaccination can be very different. What unites us here is our commitment to fundamental rights. These are non-negotiable and must be actively protected because they are always in danger due to striving for power.


1. "Restrictions on fundamental rights must be proportionate.

2. "The core content of fundamental rights is untouchable."


People from all countries, I would like to invite you to show your face and express your will for freedom, self-determination and human rights. Upload a picture of yourself in the forum and express in a few words what you stand for. Your children will thank you!


 "We didn't inherit our earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children!" Mahatma Gandhi



With the warmest regards all over the world:


Hanspeter Baud

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4900 Langenthal, Switzerland


Caring for people and nature is important to me. I am committed to human rights, animal rights, plant rights and the rights of the four elements earth, water, air and light.


I cultivate: >> "Nonviolent Communication", >> "Systemic Constellations", >> "Systemic Consensus", "Meditation" and Therapy.


" What you inherited from your ancestors, acquire it to own it!" "

                                                                                                                                       J.W. Goethe


That's how it's done:

1. Upload an image or video that shows your face.

2. Describe your main concerns in 500 to 1000 characters.

3. Add your name if you want.

I will design a book from the contributions I like:


I guarantee your best possible data protection and I am only liable for content that I post myself.


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Wie?  Video

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